It takes just 2.6 seconds for someone to make a first impression on your site or application. In the next 20 seconds, the mind runs through a series of check-boxes: is the information clear, concise, easy to find? All of which makes up for a site’s usability and answers the universal question - "Should I stay or should I go now?"

First impressions matter. Your end user’s experience matters. Most users leave a site due to poor design, hard to find information or difficulty and frustration filling out information.

How may I assist you?

Help, help, I can't find the help.

What we do

We will be there at the earliest stage of development, helping with wire-frames and napkin testing prior to any coding. We will also evaluate end-users with mock-ups or full-blown functional pages within offsite labs or ad hoc surveys. Usability is iterative and with constant testing and refining your audience will find your site more user friendly.

What we cover

  • Heuristic Reviews
  • Onsite interview and observation
  • End User Task/Goal Objectives
  • A / B Testing
  • Prototype Testing
  • Interactive Testing